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What Can We Do For You?

We Are Machine provides services within audio, music, and interactive audio programming. We are experienced producers, composers, and audio engineers that can create anything from music to sound effects for linear or interactive platforms.

Sound Design

We are capable of delivering sounds for any genre or platform. Our workflow encompasses creating sound and effects for anything from traditional post-production to advanced interactive media.


Our team has a background in every angle of music composition, recording, production, and even mixing/ mastering. Whether you need a short jingle or an advanced interactive music system we can deliver it.


We have a pipeline for coding interactive sound and music systems for games, apps, and other interactive media. We are capable of creating, implementing and integrating sound into an interactive platform.

Anything Else

In addition to the above services we are capable of handling nearly any audio related assignment, we are also certified Wwise trainers so we can certify individuals and companies!

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