Some Of Our Work


We work with a lot of audio visual animations and mini apps, here is a little selection of some fun projects we coded in Javascript. Some are to show off some of our sample pack sounds some are just for fun!

This is a prototype of an AR app for Android we have been working on. Working with spatial audio and creating a world that is optimized for mobile speakers is a challenge and there is still work to do but the result so far is promising.

Crash Bandicoot was probably one of my favorite games ever. Getting a chance to do the music and some of the sound for Windtale was a blast for us. This is midway through production so the audio is not polished/ complete.

This is a showreel showing off a little of everything. Includes projects we have worked on as well as just adding our own sounds to some games!

Re-Pear is the result of a pun filled global game jam endeavor (the theme was repair....).  Due to getting some really nice reviews on sites like Alpha Beta Gamer this project may get a revamp!

A fun little FPS project we worked on, it was a visually very stunning result making a clear vision for the sound atmosphere, design, and soundtrack.

Crayola DJ is a music app aimed toward children. We produced, mixed, and mastered all of the music segments used in the app. It was enormously challenging making every possible combination of sounds work but it paid off when the app was very positively received by the staff at Google .