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Some Of Our Work

Hungy Bun (AR)

This is a prototype of an AR app for Android I have been working on. I am the lead developer of the app and audio creation/ integration and am using the AR Core framework in Unity. The core mechanic is to lead the rabbot to food without getting stuck in various traps, also he gets mad if you get too far away!

My Roll


-Developer/ programmer

-Sound Design

-Implementation/ Integration

Shadow VR

Growing up I was fascinated by the airplanes of WWII, when the opportunity came up to do sound design and implementation for Shadow VR in which the entire experience takes place in the cockpit of De Havilland Mosquito I was super excited. The experience is a companion piece of Ole Bornedal's recent film The Shadow In My Eye that tells the harrowing story of when the British RAF bombed Copenhagen in an attempt to hit the gestapo HQ.

The VR experience is displayed at the war museum in Copenhagen and went on tour with the film release in various movie theatres.

Museum Exhibition

Production & Press

My Roll


-Wwise Implementation

-Unreal Integration

-Co-Sound Designer

-VO Editing/ Design




Kusunda: Speak To Awaken is a VR/ Interactive documentary bringing awareness of vanishing indigenous languages. This piece brings to life some of the last native speakers and members of the Kusunda tribe from the Nepal region.

This is a perfect example of the reason I am interested in interactive audio. This experience tells a story but also has a very important message. Using machine learning the app teaches you to speak words in the Kusunda language which you use to navigate the experience.

Awards (Some of them anyway!)

Storyscape Award : Tribeca Film Festival

Grand Prize : VR Now

Best Documentary Experience : Raindance Film Festival

Best Interactive Entertainment : nextReality

Production & Press

My Roll


-Programmed audio system from scratch (no middleware)

-Unity Integration

-Language Localisation System

-VO Editing/ Design

-Mixing/ Spatial Audio

Web Apps/ JS Programs


Byte Jammer : Interactive Audiovisual Platform

A long term project we have been working on is an online interactive multimedia playground that features a modular approach to creating sound, music, animations and games.

We have built a lot of the framework from scratch and the platform is currently a functioning prototype using standard Javscript, HTML and utilizes both native Web Audio and Tone.js for DSP.

We can't go into too much detail for privacy reasons but we believe this will be a revolutionary way to interact with sound, animations, games, the real world, and the web.

Interactive  Applets

We program a lot of little applets in Java and Javascript to demo app behavior, try out new algorithms, show off sound implementations and of course for fun too! 

The applets to the left are a few generative experiments you can try out!


Crash Bandicoot was probably one of my favorite games ever. Getting a chance to do the music and some of the sound for Windtale was a blast and all the hours on Playstation way back when helped the inspiration flow. This is midway through production so the audio is not polished/ complete. As lead audio I technically integrated the music and  audio systems.

My Roll


-FMOD Implementation

-Unity Integration

-Co-Sound Designer

-Music Composition & Production

Don't Dispear!

Crayola DJ App

Re-Pear is the result of a pun filled global game jam endeavor with some folks at Embark Studio. I produced and integrated all the audio assets and music. Due to getting some really nice reviews on sites like Alpha Beta Gamer this project may get a revamp!

Crayola DJ is a music app aimed toward children. My colleague Matt Busse and I produced, mixed, and mastered all of the music segments used in the app. It was enormously challenging making every possible combination of sounds work but it paid off when the app was very positively received by the staff at Google .

We have produced so much music of various genres and for various purposes that it would be impractical to share it all here. Here are a few examples of some different styles but if you are looking for anything more specific please let us know!

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