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Who Are We?

We Are Machine!


We Are Machine provides services within audio, music, and interactive audio programming. We are experienced producers, composers, and audio engineers that can create anything from music to sound effects for linear or interactive platforms.

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Joakim Johansson

Head Of Stuff

Joakim started out as a musician playing the guitar. His interest in music lead him on a path to becoming an audio engineer, producer and later connecting his passion for games to his career via interactive sound.

Joakim is a experienced sound designer, recording engineer, master of middleware, and creates VR experiences for fun.

David Segal

Head Of Things

David has a background producing electronic music, running clubs & events, managing record labels and making any sound imaginable with a synthesizer just because he can.

David is a certified by Audiokinetic as a Wwise trainer and is also proficient at FMOD and Unity. He has experience using Java, Javascript, and C#.

Human Interface

Human Interface is our portal for sharing content from us and our partners. The scope of the content is quite wide ranging from music, games, tutorials, and other topics relating to sound and interactive media.

Making Things Do Stuff

Making Things Do Stuff is a division of We Are Machine Media that focuses on creative events and educational content. The aim here is to spread knowledge and creativity and show what is possible with the right tools.

We Are Machine's core niche is creating a seamless pipepline for interactive audio productions including games, VR/ AR experiences, 360 films, and hardware installations.

We have experience in every aspect of the audio workflow from asset creation to integration and are therefore a one-stop solution for any interactive project requiring audio or music.

We are however equally capable of providing audio solutions for any kind of project interactive or not as we have backgrounds in sound design, recording, production, mixing, mastering, live sound and all the other usual audio suspects!

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