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Portfolio: David Segal / We Are Machine


tel: (SE) 076 228 3717


Please see details below regarding the video reel. Also please do not share or discuss the material in the showreel without permission.

Karma & Jonar


What : Animated series based on the books by Zelda Falköga produced using motion capture, Unreal and Wwise in the production pipeline by Viaplay Animation Studio.


My Roll: Assistant sound designer to audio director Johannes Karlebo


Tools & Skills: Reaper, Ableton Live, Field Recording, Post-Production, Foley


Notes: I was the primary sound designer for episode 8 (as seen in the reel above)


Shadow VR


What: Adaptation of Ole Bornedal's recent film The Shadow In My Eye that tells the harrowing story of when the British RAF bombed Copenhagen in an attempt to hit the gestapo HQ. Was shown at theaters on the film’s release as an interactive installations featuring a mock cockpit. Was also featured in Copenhagen’s war museum.


My Roll: Co-sound designer, all technical implementation, VO Editing/ Voice Design


Tools & Skills: Unreal + Blueprint, Wwise, sound design, voice design, DAW, VR


Notes: I was primary sound designer for the internal cockpit and plane engine sounds (as featured in the reel)


Kusunda: Speak To Awaken


What: VR/ Interactive documentary bringing awareness of vanishing indigenous languages. This piece brings to life some of the last native speakers and members of the Kusunda tribe from the Nepal region.


My Roll: All technical implementation, VO recording, Spatial Mix, language localization


Tools & Skills: Unity, C#, vocal recording/ editing, HTC VIVE VR


Notes: No audio middleware was used so I coded a custom audio system built on Unity’s audio engine. I implemented a multi language localization system. I recorded half of the VO and was the primary sound editor for all audio. It was my responsibility to implement and mix the sound designer/ composer’s work and liaise with him to realize his vision with my implementation.




What: A global game jam project with a team from Embark Studios. Considering the short timeframe I was extremely pleased with the result and the game was even featured by Alpha Beta Gamer.


My Roll: All sound, music and technical implementation


Tools & Skills: Unity, C#, sound design, vocal design


Notes: While the sound isn’t as polished since it was all done in 48 hours this is a project I always smile when I listen to it :)




What: A prototype project that I stepped in to help out with when I was teaching interactive sound design.


My Roll: All music composition, co sound designer, technical implementation


Tools & Skills: Unity, C#, FMOD, sound design, music composition


Notes: Fun fact  - Johannes Karlebo was my student and co-sound designer, later he became audio director at Viaplay and then I worked under him on the series Karma & Jonar!


HungyBun AR


What: An early AR prototype of a silly robot bunny game where you have to lead the rabbit to food while avoiding traps and danger.


My Roll: Everything, coded the entire app from scratch.


Tools & Skills: Unity, C#, FMOD, AR Toolkit, Android Development


Notes: Rough and unfinished but fun nonetheless.


Oticon VR


What: A VR experience where the user can perceive the world through the perspective of hearing aids. The user can switch between different hearing aids to hear how wind, rubbing, speech and environmental sound through them.


My Roll: Lead audio, technical implementation, sound design, mixing


Tools & Skills: Unity, FMOD, C#, project management, sound design, Oculus VR


Notes: All sound created by myself or under my audio direction, this was one of the most challenging projects I have ever had because every single sound and the entire mix had to be dynamic and sound different depending on what hearing mode the user switched to.


Apex VR


What: A VR experience taking place on a space-station with different minigames. I am not allowed to explain more about the context of the experience.


My Roll: All sound, all implementation, mixing


Tools & Skills: Unity, FMOD, C#, project management, sound design, Oculus VR


Notes: I created a really interesting dynamic environment system for the space station audio. Ask me about it! 

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